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DIY Easter Surprise Eggs are easier than you think

This DIY Easter Surprise Eggs recipe is a new Easter favourite. In fact, I might be make them 123,045 times before this easter. My little one LOVES surprise eggs. Like is seriously-obsessed-to-the-point-that-it-drives-me-crazy obsessed. But I can’t bear to have any more little plastic toys filling up our home, and she really shouldn’t be chowing down on full size big-kid eggs. So I decided to try and make some at home. melanie

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Thrive5 in celebration of Thrive Summit Workshops

I’m excited to be attending The Thrive Summit on Monday. When I first made the decision attend this session to learn and share how I #ThriveinMyLife,  I was mentally planning my February #ThriveTop5 post early in March. I had an amazing month (don’t worry, I’ll still get the post up there) with all kinds of great #thrive2016 moments. I was excited about the interactive session, networking and unconference sessions too. Then life did one of those things life does. My 6-month plan to change my work situation changed for me and I was suddenly there – six months too soon. I wasn’t…

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Helping New-To-Canada Syrian Girls Thrive

Helping New-to-Canada Syrian Girls Thrive You know Thrive is a big theme here this year. I just heard about an amazing initiative from Glen Bernard Camp, just west of Algonquin Park that has been created to offer the summer camp experience to help 24  who have recently arrived from Syria. When you think of summer in Canada, the cottage, trailer, tent camping and summer camp are such an integral part of our summer culture. I spent every summer with my dad at our cottage (we called it camp up North) fishing, swimming, canoeing and sailing. Those are some of my…

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#Thrive2016: Thrive5 January

mommydo Thrive 5 January #thrive2016

Thrive 5 January So I said at the beginning of 2016 that this is My Year To Thrive. Which was a pretty big statement for me, considering how far on the back burner I’d put all the things that matter to my own well-being. I realized early in January that there was simply no way that I could put my Thrive ahead of everything else going on. But I did find that I could make opportunities to thrive and seize opportunities when they presented themselves, too. I thought it would be nice to keep track of some of the highlights for times…

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Williams Syndrome Wednesday: Crafting with Exceptional Kids

Part of my New Years #thive2016 resolution is ensuring the whole family thrives. So over the weekend I thought we should do a typical family activity. We should make a craft. But special needs crafting ideas are hard to come by. Not only do both my kids like to make things, Allie gets to work on some of those “therapy skills” when she’s doing crafts at school. Why not do one at home? I found an easy craft over at The Inspired Home and rounded up all the supplies. This isn’t something we’ve done at home much so I had no idea…

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