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Quick Eats – Easy Skillet Lasagna Veloce

A big theme in our kitchen these days is fast food. Not like ‘can I have some fries with that’ fast food. More ‘I want to cook good eats without spending my day in the kitchen’ fast. So I found a recipe on Pinterest that inspired this skillet Lasagna creation : Lasagna Veloce This one pan Lasagna is made on the stove top in a skillet in about 30 min if you have some sauce handy. So easy. Take some thin meat sauce and spread it in the bottom of a skillet. (I made from scratch but you can always…

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Awesome has three sides

Especially when all three are pumpkin perfection with 2 kinds of glaze. Oh yes, thanks to Joanne at Inspired Taste I baked up a batch of pretty-close-to-the-mark Starbucks(like) pumpkin scones. Which are my favourite thing to eat. So good. If you want the recipe, you should pop over and visit them. It will be TOTALLY worth it. Oh yeah, and in case you are one of those people who needs to eat dinner before downing a plate of scones, this Chili-Rub pork recipe from Martha Stewart is lovely. Ours looked like this. Bad lighting, but good, good food. melanie

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Last thing I made was a person

I’m feeling the need for a little creative project. I’ve been in survival mode – feed the family and myself, make sure all are alive at the end of the day and have clean clothes to wear the next, work, sleep if possible, shower if the gods are looking favourably upon me. That’s it. Maybe a little bit of housekeeping but not enough for it to be a category (ick!)… But I feel like making something just for the H E Double Hockey Stick (hell) of it. Who knows? It’s almost September. Maybe this can be my Christmas craft. With…

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Nursery story Part 1: Shame on me

nursery before picture

This is one of those moments where you do something totally embarrassing to try and use the moment to shame yourself into finishing something. As you are aware, baby girl made her early appearance in late Dec of 2012. As she wasn’t due till the end of January, I figured we had all of that month to complete her room. Yeah, that was a super bad idea. So then she came along and everything baby – all the hand me downs and rescued from the garage items, and pulled out of various storage items and anything else that was hanging…

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I made it from Pinterest

Mommy needs a new pair of shoes…er, boots.

Fern green FIORENTINI+BAKER boots

I didn’t make these from Pinterest, but I did find them there. They’re pinned on the “my style” board in case you’re looking for them on my page. I ordered them a couple of weeks ago and they came in pretty fast, which was good, considering the whole “oops, there goes my job thing.” They are about 100 times better in person. Although they are a little small and a little pinchy. I did call the company and ask about the fit but whatever. Such is the way with boots purchased from the internet. I don’t really have much more…

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Roasted Beans with Mushrooms from Pinterest

I have quite suddenly, despite loathing them for years, become a great fan of green beans. After been combing the web for different ways to serve them up, I landed on this Pin on Pinterest. It’s really simple, really delish and looks super impressive. A combination I love. It’s from Roasted Green Beans with Mushrooms, Balsamic, and Parmesan (Makes 4-6 servings, recipe created by Kalyn) 8 oz. mushrooms, sliced in 1/2 inch slices (I used brown crimini mushrooms, but any mushrooms will work) 1 lb. fresh green beans, preferably thin French style beans 1 1/2 T olive oil 1…

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I made it from Pinterest

Pinterest – Are you Pinning Yet?

Are you on Pinterest yet? I’ve been pinning since about May last year and have been singing its praises from Day 1. Check it out.   It’s gaining popularity fast. In fact, there are about 11.7 million unique users. Everybody’s saying Pinterest is “just for girls”. But the biggest change I’ve noticed lately is how many guys I know are now pinning away. Anyhoo, if you’re not there, message me and I’ll send you an invite. It’s become my go-to search spot for just about everything. Clothes. Recipes. Activities for the Boy. Baking ideas. Party ideas. Decorating ideas. I even combed…

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