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Mommydo is a growing blog about special needs, disability and Williams Syndrome. But more than that, it’s about a family that strives to live a normal life in the face of rare circumstances.

Our family is made up of mom – that’s me, dad – my husband, our 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter, who was born with a rare genetic syndrome called Williams Syndrome.

I work hard to raise awareness for Williams Syndrome and encourage everyone to be an advocate for the things that matter to them. This all sounds quite put together, but the reality is a messy, sticky, giggly jumble of trying to keep it all together.

In our family, we cook, bake, play, and learn from each other. We do crafts with our Cricut that look amazing, and crafts without that look like ‘pinterest fails’. We’re a tech forward family and each of us loves gadgets for different reasons. We look at all tech and toys through the lens of inclusive play, therapy-as-play and as a way to connect with our larger community. Well, except the boy. He really likes to play video games, watch people play video games, and make films about video games.

The grownups love craft beer, easy family destinations, and making ‘restaurant food’ at home.

I love tech, yoga, neat stuff and beautiful things my kids will just wreck. Oh, and then there’s the ongoing pursuit of a clutter free home, finding innovative ways of making my kids feel more connected and getting to drink a cup of tea while it’s hot.

The last one is more of a dream.

If you’d like to work with Mommydo on a project, contact:

Melanie Cote


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