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The Word for 2018

This last year has been interesting. Ups and downs, highs and lows. This time last year, the word that set the intention was Less. I was looking forward to less stuff – clearing clutter and simplifying our day-to-day.

I pledged to focus my time on things that really matter to me, and say no to obligations that pulled me away from the things I both wanted and needed to do or be a part of.

Life, of course, had other plans. As I longed for less, more and more was piled on. From losing family, to health surprises, to tackling a new job – it’s been quite a ride.

I no longer believe in a good year, or a bad year

Looking at this fresh and new 2018, I’ve come to some conclusions. I think the most important is that every year I think about how the new year will be “better” than the one before.  A better or worse year is the product of about 1 million things that happen, most of which are out of my control. And many of which are good or bad based on my own perspective. As I thought more about it, I realized don’t actually think a year can get better. But I can. I can make choices that can improve my life – from small ones, like finally donating items that I love but don’t use often in my kitchen drawers so the space works better (check) and making drinking tea while it’s hot a priority (working on it). To the big things, like accepting things I can’t do a damned thing about and not letting them get me stuck.

I spent a lot of 2017 stuck

As I write that, I realize it was both figurative and literal. News about my hip this year delivered a devastating blow. An overwhelming feeling of having no time made getting the house in order and curtailing clutter seem like an insurmountable task. Changes in schedules and work commitments have thrown routine into a tailspin that has never recovered. Through it all, it felt like there was no possible way to fix the problem and therefore no need to start.  And so, things sat. Routines stayed chaotic. Figuring out how to embrace a new normal – meh. Too much.


Stuck is no way to live. So for the word for 2018, I’m moving forward. In baby steps and leaps and bounds, forward is really the only way to grow and thrive and live. Things don’t go as planned, they don’t always work out and curve balls – they’re par for the course. But sitting and stewing about any of these things isn’t living. It’s just existing.

So here’s to saying goodbye to one unneeded item at a time, to making micro changes and setting epic new goals. Here’s to checking one item off the list on one day, and totally smashing a goal the next. Every day, whether by a millimetre or a mile, I’m pledging to move forward. Not because there’s an end or a goal or a finish line. Because it’s what living well, living better and living with purpose, is all about.