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Nintendo Switch #fivefavesfriday

mommydo.ca || Nintendo Switch Mario Edition Five Faves Friday

Nintendo Switch is here!

Today is the day! It’s Launch Day for the Nintendo Switch. My son and I had the chance to test out the Switch here in Toronto. And I have to say, we were both smitten. I am not a gamer by any stretch as was evident earlier today when I stood in line to nab a console for our family. It was def a case of one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other. But I’m quite certain this is the next great family console. And here’s why.

mommydo.ca || Nintendo Switch Edition Five Faves Friday

Nintendo Switch Five Faves

  1. Nintendo Switch really impressed with me. The portability, the playability and the fun factor made it stand out. My son and I were able to spend 4 hours playing games I had never played before. We played with each other, in groups and solo. All were easy to pick up, totally family friendly and easy for us to enjoy together. Playing with him wasn’t a chore. We both left excited for when we’d get to try it at home.mommydo.ca || Nintendo Switch Switch Controller Faves Friday
  2. 1 2 Switch is an innovative game that’s is technically video game but you don’t watch the screen. You’re really playing the other person. You’re trying to emulate, anticipate and out maneuver your opponent – not their screen character. We had lots of giggles looking each other in the eye as we duelled and milked cows.
  3. Nintendo online service phase one launch. While we wait for the full service, users get free access until the rest of the platform launches in the fall. There are great parental controls, a free download a month and that Nintendo experience everyone raves about.
  4. Splatoon isn’t available yet, but my son is waiting with bated breath. Because this game…is FUN. In true Nintendo fashion, you get to battle it out and take sides, without ANY violence. The battle ground is an urban setting. The ‘weapon’ is paint. And the competition is fierce to see who’s colour will cover more ground when time runs out.mommydo.ca || Nintendo Switch Splatoon Faves Friday
  5. It wouldn’t be Nintendo without Mario. The new Mario Cart 8 does not disappoint. The little wheel controller is the perfect size for a seven year old and a $% year old. We laughed, we elbowed each other, we whooped and we high five-d at the end. Then, at the event we were at, we lined up to do it again.

mommydo.ca || Nintendo Switch Mario Cart 8 Five Faves Friday

I know that gamers have been eagerly waiting for the new Zelda game and there are a number of Nintendo titles that draw in an older crowd. But I think Switch is the perfect console to give us all-family play. First, there are enough family friendly titles in the works to keep my boy playing the games that I approve for a long time. Then, there are games that are easy for all levels – including our 4 year old with special needs. And, we can take it with us when we travel or to friends houses.

If your family pre-ordered Switch, or stood in line like I did today, I’d love to hear your thoughts when you fire it up!

*While I do get invited to participate in Nintendo events from time to time, there was no product or compensation provided for this post. All opinions about this product, and product purchase are mine alone.