#Thrive2016: Thrive5 January

mommydo Thrive 5 January #thrive2016

Thrive 5 January #thrive2016

Thrive 5 January

So I said at the beginning of 2016 that this is My Year To Thrive. Which was a pretty big statement for me, considering how far on the back burner I’d put all the things that matter to my own well-being.

I realized early in January that there was simply no way that I could put my Thrive ahead of everything else going on. But I did find that I could make opportunities to thrive and seize opportunities when they presented themselves, too. I thought it would be nice to keep track of some of the highlights for times when I felt like things were slipping into old patterns.

So here the Thrive 5 ways I have managed to live my mission to #Thrive2016 last month.

#Thrive2016 - blanket

I knitted a baby blanket.

I’m still waiting for enough wool for the full sized one (as it’s coming from an Etsy store way far away) but this little guy is super cute and makes a great lap blankie.

I joined an amazing group of bloggers

for a Blogger Mastermind session and had my first Google hangout. I know- everyone els has already done this a million times but it was my first, and second, and third, and fourth. I may not get to hang out with friends often in real life, but I’m very much enjoying spending time with these amazing women online.

Another one of the things I’ve been meaning to do for ages is make food videos. I film all kinds of things but I never seem to get them off my camera.

In January, I made my first (and second) food videos

and although they are a little bumpy, I’m still pretty proud of these first attempts. I posted the first one here, then the second here. Watch for more videos in the future.

Work-life balance has alluded me for a long time so in January, I managed to cut back about 10 hours a week. This still has me working more than most, but not as many as I have. It’s back to busy right now, but I’m hoping to get them back down once this project is finished.

Valentine’s Day Stained Glass Toddler Craft from The Inspired Home

I made a craft with the kids

This last thing on my Thrive 5 list for January we all thoroughly enjoyed.We’re looking for ways to add more crafts into our weekend routines (especially when the weather is bad).  You can read the post about the craft here, including where I found the idea on The Inspired Home blog.

February is going well too! I’ll tell you all about the #thrive2016 Feb Thrive5 soon.