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A little “Day Off” shopping trip to Girl Friday

Do you have a shop you consider “your store”? For me, it’s Girl Friday here in Toronto.

I have a few days off and wanted to grab a new pair of jeans so I popped in today. I’ve been on the hunt for flattering “not skinny” jeans. But, having recently read a few articles that call my boot cut low-rise jeans “The new Mom Jeans” and not in a good way, I needed help to ensure I didn’t fall into buying the hottest jeans from the early 2000’s somewhere.

Enter Girl Friday. First – there is no possible way to leave with a bag full of clothes that are made for a woman 10 (or 20) years younger than you. The timeless cuts and style are great for just about anyone. There is also no possible way to leave looking like a fuddy duddy. Or a tom-boy with no taste. And, because they also do personal styling, when they hand you things to try, they fit – your body, your style, your taste, your budget…I could gush for days. As someone with a total inability to shop for chic clothes, I am so thrilled to have a store that keeps me looking great.

Anyhoo, despite just needing a pair of jeans, I once again managed to leave with a few smart looks that I’m so excited to debut when I’m back to work next week.

Here’s my #girlfridayhaul. Next time you need a little shop, pop by.


This post was in no way sponsored by Girl Friday, and the opinions here are strictly my own. I just love these guys and wanted to spread some around.