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Feeling like a million bucks

I totally got personally styled and it was Ah-mazing.

Personal Styling By GirlFriday -

Wah? You heard right. I’m starting a work contract that happens in an actual office. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been working from home for 2 years – the first year I did a few contracts but also managed clients on my own and last year, on ‘mat leave’ I continued to work on my clients when projects came up.

It was a very short lead time for this gig but I realized I needed to get out of the house and gain some perspective (staring at the baby wasn’t helping her or me). I also LOVE what I do, and given the chance to do it on a larger scale in an office for a bit is healthy for me, (our household finances) and for the kids – I believe a happy Mommy is a better Mommy. (And I know that happy comes in all forms – stay at home, work at home, work in the world.) I need a little more world right now.

So I said yes to the contract but then quickly realized I haven’t been shopping for spring clothes (unless you count capri yoga pants and t-shirts) for a great number of years. Trying to get pregnant-pregnant-mat leave-pregnant-pregnant-mat leave. Now. Styles have changed and I’ve changed. My taste. My body. Crap.

So I made the best decision I’ve made in a LOOONG time. I heard from a friend about an experience she had with a personal stylist and it sounded AMAZING. Then, it turned out – I knew the stylist! I got in touch with this wonderful designer, stylist and boutique owner, and we spent a couple of hours together at her store on Saturday.

Girl Friday Store Front

girl friday 9

Rebecca Nixon, designer and Owner of Girl Friday in Toronto and I messaged back and forth a little bit about what I was looking for (clothes for working in a creative environment), what size I am, what kind of things I like and my budget. I was already planning to head to the store to get a ‘first day with the grownups’ outfit – it’s one of my favourite shops in Toronto.

But she was free and we agreed we could start ‘the big shop’ there. Rebecca mentioned that they also offer a ‘Closet Cleanup’ service (which the friend I mentioned above loved) where their stylist comes to your home, goes through your clothes and helps you find the clothes in your wardrobe that are working well on you, breathe new life into things you thought were maybe out of style by suggesting new ways to wear your existing pieces. And, shows a little tough love to the things you really need to say goodbye to. They will even bring those clothes to donate so you aren’t tempted to rummage through later. Given that I don’t really have any suitable clothes, I figured I’d just get new and save what’s lumped in my closet now for when I’m back to working at home. The shopping takes place at their boutique and at the mall if necessary.

We made plans to meet at the store. I got myself ‘shop ready’ because I wanted to feel amazing as I ventured into a dressing room. No idea how long it had been… I wore good undies, a supportive b.ra, a white tank so I’d know what things would look like with a little coverage under and I brought flats just in case.

Then all the wonderfulness began. Rebecca pulled tons of stuff for me to try on – in my comfort zone, on the edge and out of my comfort zone. I brought an open mind and tried on everything she pulled for me. Some things just weren’t me, others I would never have picked and totally loved and the rest was exactly me.

She showed me how to mix and match the pieces to get lots of wear from winter into spring and made outfits I would never have thought of. The best part was she made me look very stylish and still look like me. The clothes are age appropriate, flattering, interesting and really wearable.

girl friday 1

I was amazed that I could get fashion (not just clothes) for about the same as I would spend for regular priced items at the mall. And I feel so FANCY.

You’re asking yourself “where are the damned clothes?”

 Girl Friday Stylist Shop

In total, I got 8 tops, 3 bottoms and 2 necklaces. Including tax we were $23 over my $1000 budget. In the end there were more pieces I liked that I didn’t choose due to budget and time of year. They will work better in warmer months and can be part of my ‘oh crap, I also don’t have summer clothes’ shop later in the year.

I’ll be instagramming outfits all week (forgive me, I’m new) so if you want to follow, checkout mommydoCA.

Girl Friday has more than one stylist on staff, they have great taste, they are so friendly and def not ‘judgy’ (as I sometimes worry people who dress better than me might be) and the whole thing was FUN. If you’re interested, call the store at (416) 364-2511, check out their blog or visit them online or on Facebook to learn more.

Not surprisingly, I’m a worse clothing photographer than I am food photographer, so I’m pulling photos from the internet. Tried where ever possible to pull photos from Girl Friday. Some are from second clothing (that’s the yoga jeans people). For the rest, I apologize random internet photos. If you see a pic you didn’t get credit for, please let me know and I’ll amend.

UPDATE: Here’s day 2: Shirt By Everly, Second Yoga Jeans (With an Elastic Waist!!!), I’ll have to check the credit for the necklace.

Mommydo styled by Rebecca Nixon, Girl Friday

Day 3 Outfit: John & Jenn Sweater, Dish Jeans

Mommydo Day 3 Outfit