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Williams Syndrome Wednesday: 1 Year Adjusted

Dear Obi,

One year ago today was your due date. You were born almost 6 weeks early, and despite what everyone said at the time, you haven’t ‘all but caught up’ by your Adjusted Birthday.

You’ve checked all the little boxes for 8 month milestones and have, just in the last couple of days, finally checked off the first ones for 9 months. You’ve now clapped and banged objects together. You reached your hands up to be picked up this week too.

Although they are not on the list, last week you gave me my first official hug, and today you gave me my first licky kiss. Amazing.

I can freely admit that it stings to watch all the babies pass you by. It really does. But as you slept curled up on my chest yesterday morning…when I should have been working, I got to enjoy the flip side. This baby time is so fleeting. And the mom’s of all those other kids have already started to say goodbye to the magic of these very firsts. The toothy grins, the first peek-a-boos. The snuggley sleeps that fit right on my chest, with a neck nuzzle and tucked up knees. A warm little bundle, still wearing 3-6 month clothes (depending on the brand). Still my little baby.
That’s what I celebrate today. So, so many unexpected things have thrown curve ball after curve ball since I learned that this day should be your birthday.
But having a sweet baby, my last baby, just a little longer than most is the bright side.
Happy One Year Adjusted Birthday little one.
Sweet, sweet dreams.