I would give anything for Pulled Pork right now.

If you’ve ever said this…and what you meant was “I’d give almost $20 to have someone else to all the work so I could just brown some pork, plunk it in my slow cooker, pour some of the most delicious pulled pork sauce $15.99 plus tax can buy over top and have delicious pulled-pork-without-the-work for dinner, this is your post. Next time you’re at the mall, go to Williams Sonoma. Buy this sauce for $15.99.

Mommydo Pulled Pork "Cheat"

Bring it home.

Brown a 2kg pork butt/shoulder.

Put it in your slow cooker.

Pour the sauce on.

Wait what seems like a really long time – 6-8 hours.

Pull the pork.


Yes, I know it costs $15.99 but it’s EASY and it’s DELICIOUS. And sometimes I’m willing to pay that much for those two things.