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Leftover Makeover: Chicken Tac-over

So you know that feeling when you’re staring down a tupperware full of leftovers and you decide you just can’t eat that again. I hate that feeling. So I’ve come up with a new post category. Leftover Makeovers. I’m pretty pleased with myself and my ability to take leftovers and turn them into something else.

Take today’s ‘creation’.

Start with:

Leftover grocery store roast chicken

Leftover white rice

Veggies originally bought for a stir fry but not finished


cheese, avocado, salsa, frozen corn, sour cream and wraps (purchased for pulled pork tacos but never used as the pork was used for pulled pork poutine instead – another leftover makeover, come to think of it)



Fry up the peppers and onions. Add the frozen corn directly to the pan without defrosting. Throw in a couple of spoonfuls of salsa to spice up the fry.

Then put out the cool toppings. You can add the chicken to the pan but we microwaved it and the rice to warm both up.

Then TA-DA! That is not Grocery Store chicken and rice and corn. Which was delicious yesterday. That’s a sweet Tac-Over, a delicious do-over, a great way to take has been food and make it “where has you been all my life” food.

Have a favourite leftover makeover to share? Tell me all about it in the comments.