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The day I realized I will never be the same.

Things happen in life that change you. And you don’t really notice the affect until one day when you find you’re just not the same person you were before.

Today was that day for me. Oh, and it REALLY pissed me off.

Let me explain. It’s fitting that this epiphany happened at Starbucks. I’m a big fan. Mmm, grande awake tea. Anyway, earlier today I headed to ‘bucks, girl in the buggy, trying to get her to nap.

Mommydo Life changed_Starbucks

As I was passing through the door, a guy was coming out. He held the door for me and, over my head, finished his conversation with the pair behind the counter. He said “I don’t care who you are. If you have one eye that points this way, and one eye that points that way (complete with hand gestures) that’s CRACK!” and headed out the door.

Old me wouldn’t have thought twice about that remark. But the me I have apparently become was REALLY F%#$ing mad. You see, little miss is currently being followed for potential strabismus (the condition when the eyes don’t look the same way). Not CRACK. A genetic condition. A little something that makes her a little different from everyone else…

and I’m pretty sure whoever he was talking about? Also, NOT CRACK.

I walked up to the counter and before ordering told the Barista that I was very offended by the remarks I caught at the end of their conversation. But the guy was gone. Just some guy. No big deal.

Then, he returned and headed into the back. HE WORKS THERE. Mr. Totally Offended Me works at my fav Starbucks. The Starbucks I go out of my way to frequent because I love that they have an employee with Down’s Syndrome. It’s usually one of the highlights of my day!

By this time a whole bunch of customers had joined the line and I didn’t want to drag all of them into my feud so I left.

Not 5 steps out of the store I realized I was actually really, very angry. This little twerp needs a little reminder that, as an employee, he’s an ambassador of the store and the brand. He shouldn’t be bellowing  about a disabled person (customer?) over the heads of other customers. Bad choice. Bad character. Just bad.

And now I need to call the store and talk to the manager and let them know about my experience and speak up. ‘Cause they need to have a little sit down with their staff.

That’s who I am now. Someone who gets mad. Who speaks up. Me – formerly, self absorbed, egotistical, make-a-joke-at-others-expense, foot in the mouth – me.

I’m pretty sure this new (angry) me is not going to change the world. But I can change how many careless remarks are made at my local coffee shop. Or maybe I can’t.

But I don’t have a choice. I gotta try. Cause some day it’ll be my daughter that twerpy jackass is talking about.