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Seat Reveiw: Stokke Newborn Set (for Tripp Trapp)

I sound like a broken record whenever I talk about how much I love the Stokke brand. One ‘must have’ on the splurge list (in my humble opinion) is the Newborn set for the Stokke Tripp Trapp.

Stokke newborn set review mommydo

One of the biggest challenges I found with both babes is “where can I put the baby down?” This time around we have the added complication of a 3 year old who thinks ‘gentle’ is a suggestion making our low-to-the-floor options risky choices when he’s around.

I have to tell you we have used this particular item EVERY DAY since baby Obi was big enough to fit the straps – in the first photo I have she’s about 8 lbs but she was in it sooner.


The seat attaches to the Tripp Trapp making it truly an all ages chair.

The newborn set is recommended up to 9kg (if you’re reading from the US, that’s 19lb 13oz) so there’s a good chance your baby will be ready to move on to the baby seat on the Tripp Trapp before you reach the upper weight limit. Wee Obi is still so wee at 9 months and about 15lbs so we still have a ways to go.  It’s easy to put on the Tripp Trapp and remove, and in typical Stokke style, green indicators let you know when it’s safely locked in place.


The seat fabric is washable and straps have plenty of room for adjustment.


For our family, having a nice high perch for her where she can watch her brother, interact while I’m working in the kitchen, be present at mealtimes and just hang out at our level has been such a pleasure.  With her reflux causing her discomfort most of the time in the early months and still, from time to time, putting her flat has seldom been an option. The inclined seat is a godsend – without needing vibration, wiggles or other battery draining gizmos. Our added fabric cover, which she has soiled more than once, washes just as well as the seat fabric and both still look brand new. And, she loves the toy bar. It was a little tricky to attach but once I got the hang of it, it was no trouble. The key is to hook it on from the top first, right at the point where the Stokke tag is on the side. newbornset2

In addition to sitting on the Tripp Trapp, the newborn set has a rocker bottom so you can use it on the floor too!

If you have a Tripp Trapp already, or if you’re considering one, I cannot recommend the newborn set enough. If it’s not too big a splurge… I deem it a ‘Must Have.’

Read all about it here on the Stokke site.

*This review is based on a product I choose and purchased for my baby. I was not compensated for this review and the opinions are all my own. I’m just a big ‘ole fan of the brand.