Drop Off Zone

It’s that time of year around here – birthday party season. And while we’re planning our own party for November, the invites are pouring in for classmates parties.

The thing is, we’re now into drop off parties. Which seems to have come along faster than I’d expected, given the boy is still only 3. This causes 2 major problems for me. One, my boy refuses to be dropped off, which makes me the awkward hanging around parent, and two, I’m gonna have to host a ‘drop off’ party. Which, I’m not gonna lie, seems like about 100 times harder to me.

The theme of the boy’s party this year will be Police Party. I’m currently scouring Pinterest for police party ideas. So far, these from Seven Thirty Three are really catching my eye.


I’ll definitely be doing something like this for our gang.

Also, serving coffee and donuts to the grownups who do stay is a no-brainer.

Have any strategies for surviving the drop-off party (either attending or throwing)? I’d love to hear them!