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Owl be damned, that’s one sharp logo

As you’ve likely noticed, things got a little better looking around here. My lovely brother-in-law created a little guy for the top of my page. I really like him and hope you do too (my new owl, that is, not my brother-in-law…who I do like very much but don’t necessarily expect you to like, you know, without having met him).

I’ve also created a facebook page! Whoa, that’s alot of change for 1 day. If you’re so inclined, head over to that LIKE button —–>> and catch all the Mommydo mumblings.

What else happened this weekend?

Mommydo Pony Cake

Which became:

Pink and Purple Pony Cake

Which led to this:

Pony cake candles make a wish

Which was pretty awesome.

And proves my people photography is far better than my food photography…