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Williams Syndrome Wednesday: Sit Up Proud

Little Miss sat unsupported for a short time today…maybe 2 min. After spending time with a Mommy group filled with typical children yesterday and having a little boo-hoo over how hard it is to watch all the kiddies moving so quickly through sitting to making moves towards crawling (or already crawling) and now starting to pull themselves up, to say I was delighted was an understatement.

Of course the camera was no where to be found and phone battery was dead, but I’ll snap some pics today if she’s interested in a repeat performance.

As I go through this journey I’m constantly amazed at how I can feel overwhelmed and come down with a bad case of the poor-me’s/poor-her’s and then, the very next day, be so amazed.

It’s a real up and down, one-day-at-a-time thing isn’t it, life.

Today is an up day. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be the same.