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Bribery? Don’t mind if I do…

In addition to Obi, we also have Bubble, the 3.75 year old energizer boy (he never stops going). He was taking this definition very seriously as he WOULD NOT STOP WETTING HIS PANTS. Now this isn’t a woeful tale of potty training that just wouldn’t happen. It’s a tale (a wet tale) of ‘I was just to busy to go’, long after the little boy potty had left the building and he became fully capable of going to the bathroom with us or sometimes even on his own (at home of course, I wasn’t sending out into public bathrooms – but when I re-read that it sounded to me like my parenting had reached a brand new low).

All this to the tune of 2, 3, 4 pairs of wet pants every day. Seriously.

So I resorted to bribery. Everyday you have dry pants, you get a sticker. When the page is full, you get to pick out a toy. We called it ‘A big Surprise’ and he def dreamed big. (Think $100 police station play set.)

At first it was slow going. The reward was too far away for his 3 year old self to relate to, so we added a few circles and called them small surprise days. There were still wet pants. There are still wet pants. But those days are now few and far between and I deem the experiment to be a success!

The chart was NOT fancy – but it totally did the trick. DSC_0758

And, what’s more exciting to me is we’ve just put up our new chart – TRY NEW FOODS. Sir picky pants it taking this new chart very seriously and ACTUALLY TRIED THE  MACARONI AND CHEESE at school lunch yesterday. Awesome! I’ve been trying to get him to eat it for years! He proudly put his sticker up this morning and is one day closer to the next Big Surprise. (A playmobil fire truck).

Hopefully at the end of this one, we’ll have expanded his possible dinner menu. Right now, there are only about 10 things he’ll eat.

Cross your fingers.