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When bad things happen to good cake.

After posting that I wanted to make something the other day, I decided I needed to start small.

I love to bake, needed to entertain the boy and had a fancy cake mix I’d bought on sale at Williams Sonoma. Super! We were gonna make cupcakes but couldn’t find the damned liners, so settled on a 2 layer, 8 and 9 inch cake.


Like I said, the mix was snazzy, with confetti in the cake. Perfect for the boy. So we baked it up. Mostly I baked and he whined about when he could eat it. FINALLY it was ready to come out of the oven to cool. The 9 inch popped out perfectly. The 8 inch? Not so much.


Shit. No super cute 2 layer cake for us. Boy still whining. Cake cooling. Patience dwindling.

Decision made – single layer cake. Add sprinkles. Let go of vision of what was meant to be. Eat cake.


Even though it was short, it was pretty friggin’ delicious. So Williams Sonoma – the mix was yummy. The price (on sale) was worth it. The little candies becoming glue that attached to the bottom of the pan and resulted in the cake-breakdown were too much for my greasing and flouring, but only on one layer. Weird. If I’d spoken to my sister yesterday, I would have some fab sprinklely cake pops to show you. Didn’t even think to make that mess into pops at the time. Then my husband ate a sizable amount of it.

Oh well.


At the end of the day, when bad things happen to good cake, you still have good cake.