Food, Lactose-Free Recipe

Feeling Smoothie – My frozen discovery

I’ve been feeling pretty run down. Having a baby that doesn’t sleep, a 3.5 year old, a business, an on-going battle with all the crap in this house. SO I thought maybe adding a boost of nutrition would help turn this frown upside down.

Now I need to make an embarrassing admission. I do love a smoothy and I have a superfab blender. But I never make them because we never have ice in the freezer. Currently the reason is bags and bags of expressed milk. Anyhoo. I thought, no ice, no smoothy.

But, I am apparently the only one who didn’t know, the FRUIT IS THE ICE. USE FROZEN FRUIT DUMMY.

feeling smoothie ingredients mommydo

Then add delicious yogurt (lactose-free), banana, a little milk (lactose-free of course) and blend away.

Finished Banana Berry Smoothie - Feeling smoothie


Not sure that it’s actually giving me a boost, but I sure feel like a smartie pants. Frozen Fruit! Genius.