Knit Wit

penguin with knitted scarf mommydo

From time to time, I get a clever idea. This particular idea came to me on a shopping trip to Buffalo when I was searching for an infinity scarf. Why? Why would I pay good money for a scarf when I could make one for my own self?

I should know better…

But I hauled out my knitting needles nonetheless. Which, in reality meant heading to the Purple Purl, buying new needles, wool, a pattern and everything else I needed.

Sadly, the “pattern” was the neck of a sweater I adapted. Um, which I’ve never done before. And the needles were round needles – which I’d never used before. Do you knit? Did you know you can get a project on round needles all twisted around in a way that can’t be saved and then you have to pull it out twice? I didn’t. But I do now.

But after all that, it worked!

I knitted myself a super scarf. Then I knitted on for my sister too.

It has cables. I made the photo fancy so you can really see the handiwork.


I had to get a model to help so you can see it in colour.


I can’t seem to get the red to match the real life colour. And I did not knit my little friend.