Sewing and Other Crafting Disasters

Bringing Home Baby

As you’ll get to know, my Pinterest obsession is a on the verge of being a problem. This is best illustrated by the fact that it has turned me into someone who believes they are crafty. It is more likely that I am someone who appreciated crafty and loves gorgeous photographs. Anyway, this past fall it came to my attention that I cannot be truly crafty without a sewing machine.

Husband rolled his eyes in a “here we go again” kind of way but my Mom wholly supported this position. And for Christmas, she hooked me up.

Janome 2030 sewing machine for mommydo

Now you need to understand that this was not an ‘open a wrapped up box under the tree’ kind of hookup. Oh no. It was her belief that I needed to experience the selection of my new machine.

So off we went to the Creativfestival  to visit all the booths and talk to all the Reps. We started out looking for a beginner machine…yeah, right. In my Mom’s opinion you need to have a machine you won’t outgrow.

This is how I ended up with a rather more advance machine than I need. You can read all about it here.

The most interesting part of the experience, aside from bring home the DLSR of Sewing machines when all I needed was a Point and Shoot, was the look on everyone’s face as I carried my prized new possession out of the show. I wish I’d had a hand free to take photos.

Some women stopped me to wish me luck. Some congratulated me. Everyone who didn’t nodded, smiled, waved or acknowledged me in some fashion. I imagined it was what your first ride on a Harley Davidson is like. Suddenly I was part of a club I didn’t even know existed. Fascinating. So far, my Mom has put it to more use than I have but my fingers are crossed that I am, in fact, as crafty as Pinterest has made me out to be.

If you’re also in “the Club”, I hope I do you proud. If not, I let you know how it goes just the same. Perhaps there’s a seamstress in all of us.

Do you sew? What are some of your favourite beginner projects?