I made it from Pinterest

Pinterest – Are you Pinning Yet?

Are you on Pinterest yet? I’ve been pinning since about May last year and have been singing its praises from Day 1. Check it out.   It’s gaining popularity fast. In fact, there are about 11.7 million unique users. Everybody’s saying Pinterest is “just for girls”. But the biggest change I’ve noticed lately is how many guys I know are now pinning away. Anyhoo, if you’re not there, message me and I’ll send you an invite. It’s become my go-to search spot for just about everything. Clothes. Recipes. Activities for the Boy. Baking ideas. Party ideas. Decorating ideas. I even combed through it to find ideas to design my new business logo. Sure, I still google. But I head over to Pinterest first. Every time.

Here are a few choice finds I’ve pinned in the last few days.

pinterest find sloth necklale

Great sloth necklace found on Pinterest from etsy


pinterest, kids clothing, cute

Cute Dino Sweater discovered on Pinterest


And if you wonder “Who actually does any of the stuff you see here?” I do. I’ll show you some of my “I made it from Pinterest” creations over the coming months and give you a little review of each.

Have you made anything from Pinterest lately?