Food, Why Is It Never Takeout Day?

Why is never take-out day?

Why is it never takeout day?

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I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but my husband and I decided some time ago that we would only have take-out one day a week. The boy is not a restaurant kid. He is wild, unpleasant and unhappy when confined in a booster seat for one second longer than he deems necessary. So for those reasons and, of course, health, saving money, controlling what goes into our meals, blah, blah, blah we cook at home (or reheat) 6 days a week. By we, I mean me.

That’s a lot of cooking.

It means trying new things. Working to avoid a serious case of the food blahs. And getting better at preparing things that will last for more than one meal. Preferably cooked in one pot or slow cooker as often as possible.

In the summer months, the BBQ makes it much easier to throw something together. But in the dark winter months, it’s comfort food all the way. Except for take-out night. Sweet, sweet take out night.

What’s your go-to take-out?