Last thing I made was a person

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Aug 27, 2013

I’m feeling the need for a little creative project. I’ve been in survival mode – feed the family and myself, make sure all are alive at the end of the day and have clean clothes to wear the next, work, sleep if possible, shower if the gods are looking favourably upon me. That’s it. Maybe a little bit of housekeeping but not enough for it to be a category (ick!)…

But I feel like making something just for the H E Double Hockey Stick (hell) of it. Who knows? It’s almost September. Maybe this can be my Christmas craft.

With this feeling in mind I scoured Pinterest, and this tutorial stood out for me.

It’s over on Saved By Love creations


and it really caught my eye. Check out these distressed wood signs.


I think they’re stunning. And, in addition to possibly be the perfect thing to wrap up under the tree, one would make a fine addition to the work-in-progress nursery.

So I’ve now been searching for the right thing to say on there.

I’m considering:

i carry your heart with me from the ee cummings poem

This too shall pass – words of wisdom from my Dad

These are the days of miracle and wonder – paul simon

The world may be broken but hope is not crazy. – John Green (long but perhaps worth it).

Anyway, I’m hoping to gather some supplies, settle on a quote and maybe even get started this weekend.

Let me know what you’d want on a sign. I could use the inspiration.

Nursery story Part 1: Shame on me

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Jul 11, 2013
nursery before picture

This is one of those moments where you do something totally embarrassing to try and use the moment to shame yourself into finishing something.

As you are aware, baby girl made her early appearance in late Dec of 2012. As she wasn’t due till the end of January, I figured we had all of that month to complete her room.

Yeah, that was a super bad idea. So then she came along and everything baby – all the hand me downs and rescued from the garage items, and pulled out of various storage items and anything else that was hanging around the house before the holidays got tossed, and I mean TOSSED into her would be space.  And well…let’s just say if we had a spare kitchen sink, that would have been thrown in there too.

I was sourcing things and buying things and making plans, but the putting of the room together seemed daunting. And for good reason… (here comes the embarrassing part)Image

This photo was taken a few months ago. There have been some changes since then. I’ll tell you more about them in coming posts.

So follow along over the next few installments and watch as I transform that DISASTER into a room that looks much more like some of the inspiring photos I found on pinterest.

You can see them here


Or here.

I haven’t really done any “home decor” posts before so bear with me as I try and capture what I’m up to.

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