Williams Syndrome Wednesday: Crafting with Exceptional Kids

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Jan 20, 2016

Part of my New Years #thive2016 resolution is ensuring the whole family thrives. So over the weekend I thought we should do a typical family activity. We should make a craft.

Williams Syndrome Wednesday- (1)Not only do both my kids like to make things, Allie gets to work on some of those “therapy skills” when she’s doing crafts at school. Why not do one at home?

I found an easy craft over at The Inspired Home and rounded up all the supplies. This isn’t something we’ve done at home much so I had no idea what to expect. I even tried to google “home craft ideas for kids with intellectual disabilities” but no luck.

Williams Syndrome Crafting Special needs

Valentine’s Day Stained Glass Toddler Craft from The Inspired Home

When the time came to prep the craft, my 6 year old son decided he WAS NOT making a heart. Off to a great start. I got everything ready and tried to show Alma how to make her heart but she was much more interested in dumping the bits of tissue paper and peeling up the tape to release the contact paper.


Williams Syndrome Wednesday: Crafting with Exceptional Kids

There was a time not long ago when I would have packed it all up and yelled “forget it” (not proud of this) but instead I showed Alma again. And again. And again. I handed her individual bits instead of letting her dump the container. We sang a song as we stuck down the bits.

My husband came to give me a hand with the cover contact paper so we could focus Alma and finish that part.

Williams Syndrome Wednesday: Working Together

Working together

My son came over to talk about the craft he DID want to do, so we got that stuff out and he and Alma sat together laughing and bickering and glueing and fighting over the safety scissors. They shared. I helped my boy glue a snowman. I hung Alma’s heart.


Valentine’s Day Stained Glass Toddler Craft from @theinspiredhome

I also felt a weight lift from my heart. We’re just a regular family doing regular things. Making decorations for Valentines Day. Screwing it up a bit. Feeling proud anyway.

I hope the next person to google “home craft ideas for kids with intellectual disabilities” sees this post and decides to throw caution to the wind and make Valentine’s Hearts from The Inspired Home or some other neat thing that catches their eye on Pinterest. I hope they don’t wait to try something like I did, or search for a special list of special ideas for special kids.

Every craft a kid makes is special.



Moments like these? Special.

Williams Syndrome Wednesday: Fun with Brother

Fun with Brother

Learning that undivided attention, some time to horse around, and seeing our proud faces as we hang up their creations is just what they need? That was pretty special too.


If you’re interested in making the Valentines Day Stained Glass Toddler craft, head over to The Inspired Home for all the supplies and instructions.

Adventures in Advent 1: Adapting

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Nov 22, 2013

So my Sis (STOP READING NOW SIS) is embracing a sugar free life. But we’re both big fans of advent and this year, the Starbucks advent calendar.


But what’s the fun in opening a calendar when you can’t enjoy the spoils? So I took it up on myself to adapt the calendar to include non-food trinkets. I tried to do this on a tight budget as the calendar itself is a little spendy. So cool though…the tins are sitting on a magnetic chalk board with a simple wooden frame. Nice! You should reveal a caramel each day…but instead my sis will find all sorts of weird and wonderful things.


There are little ball magnets in there, a tea-set of erasers, post-it type notes, crafty things, little puffy nativity stickers, eye shadow, rubber bands and more. Nothing fancy for sure, but a little surprise to count down to Christmas? Love. Advent is one of my fav holiday traditions.

I don’t think I’ve ever missed a year.

I’ve continued the tradition with the boy. And now need to make a version for Obi. I’m not crazy –  I know you can’t have for one and not the other, even if one is only 1. I’m on the hunt for things to fill hers with. And the bags for the creation arrived from the Penny Paper Co. today!

I’ll post about that undertaking on the weekend. I also have another great advent idea to share then too!

I just realized today that December is just around the corner, so if you’re thinking of creating an Advent project you’d better get crackin’.

Giveaway: 100 Facebook Fan “Stampendous” Celebration

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Oct 21, 2013

I’m so thrilled to be closing in on my first Facebook Fan goal that I’m hosting my very first giveaway. I’m10 fans from 100 and what better way to celebrate than with an awesome little prize, just in time for the holiday season.

Wonderful Lindsay at The Penny Paper Co. who also happens blog about all things design/ style/ parenting/ awesome over at Little House Blog has kindly donated a custom stamp to giveaway + shipping to the winner!

I happen to be a huge fan of the shop and love, love her stamps in particular. The winner might choose something like one of these…


Photo: little house blog

Or something like this…


Or perhaps something like this…


Photo: little house blog

ENTER TO WIN A “CUSTOM” STAMP including shipping
To enter, comment below and tell me what you’d use your winning stamp for. For an upcoming event? For easy DIY gift tags? For your return address for holiday cards? To get a second entry  head on over and  “Like” me on facebook! As I said above, this giveaway is all about hitting the magic number so it would make me all warm and fuzzy if you’d give a “Like”. If you do, or if you already “like”, leave a second comment saying you do for a second entry. Contest closes Monday Oct.28, 11:59PM EST. Open to Canada and the US.

Next giveaway will be for following on Twitter, so you can get a head start if you want another one sooner than later!Generously Sponsored by:


Last thing I made was a person

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Aug 27, 2013

I’m feeling the need for a little creative project. I’ve been in survival mode – feed the family and myself, make sure all are alive at the end of the day and have clean clothes to wear the next, work, sleep if possible, shower if the gods are looking favourably upon me. That’s it. Maybe a little bit of housekeeping but not enough for it to be a category (ick!)…

But I feel like making something just for the H E Double Hockey Stick (hell) of it. Who knows? It’s almost September. Maybe this can be my Christmas craft.

With this feeling in mind I scoured Pinterest, and this tutorial stood out for me.

It’s over on Saved By Love creations


and it really caught my eye. Check out these distressed wood signs.


I think they’re stunning. And, in addition to possibly be the perfect thing to wrap up under the tree, one would make a fine addition to the work-in-progress nursery.

So I’ve now been searching for the right thing to say on there.

I’m considering:

i carry your heart with me from the ee cummings poem

This too shall pass – words of wisdom from my Dad

These are the days of miracle and wonder – paul simon

The world may be broken but hope is not crazy. – John Green (long but perhaps worth it).

Anyway, I’m hoping to gather some supplies, settle on a quote and maybe even get started this weekend.

Let me know what you’d want on a sign. I could use the inspiration.

Bringing Home Baby

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Jan 9, 2012

As you’ll get to know, my Pinterest obsession is a on the verge of being a problem. This is best illustrated by the fact that it has turned me into someone who believes they are crafty. It is more likely that I am someone who appreciated crafty and loves gorgeous photographs. Anyway, this past fall it came to my attention that I cannot be truly crafty without a sewing machine.

Husband rolled his eyes in a “here we go again” kind of way but my Mom wholly supported this position. And for Christmas, she hooked me up.

Janome 2030 sewing machine for mommydo

Now you need to understand that this was not an ‘open a wrapped up box under the tree’ kind of hookup. Oh no. It was her belief that I needed to experience the selection of my new machine.

So off we went to the Creativfestival  to visit all the booths and talk to all the Reps. We started out looking for a beginner machine…yeah, right. In my Mom’s opinion you need to have a machine you won’t outgrow.

This is how I ended up with a rather more advance machine than I need. You can read all about it here.

The most interesting part of the experience, aside from bring home the DLSR of Sewing machines when all I needed was a Point and Shoot, was the look on everyone’s face as I carried my prized new possession out of the show. I wish I’d had a hand free to take photos.

Some women stopped me to wish me luck. Some congratulated me. Everyone who didn’t nodded, smiled, waved or acknowledged me in some fashion. I imagined it was what your first ride on a Harley Davidson is like. Suddenly I was part of a club I didn’t even know existed. Fascinating. So far, my Mom has put it to more use than I have but my fingers are crossed that I am, in fact, as crafty as Pinterest has made me out to be.

If you’re also in “the Club”, I hope I do you proud. If not, I let you know how it goes just the same. Perhaps there’s a seamstress in all of us.

Do you sew? What are some of your favourite beginner projects?

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