Nursery story Part 1: Shame on me

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Jul 11, 2013
nursery before picture

This is one of those moments where you do something totally embarrassing to try and use the moment to shame yourself into finishing something.

As you are aware, baby girl made her early appearance in late Dec of 2012. As she wasn’t due till the end of January, I figured we had all of that month to complete her room.

Yeah, that was a super bad idea. So then she came along and everything baby – all the hand me downs and rescued from the garage items, and pulled out of various storage items and anything else that was hanging around the house before the holidays got tossed, and I mean TOSSED into her would be space.  And well…let’s just say if we had a spare kitchen sink, that would have been thrown in there too.

I was sourcing things and buying things and making plans, but the putting of the room together seemed daunting. And for good reason… (here comes the embarrassing part)Image

This photo was taken a few months ago. There have been some changes since then. I’ll tell you more about them in coming posts.

So follow along over the next few installments and watch as I transform that DISASTER into a room that looks much more like some of the inspiring photos I found on pinterest.

You can see them here


Or here.

I haven’t really done any “home decor” posts before so bear with me as I try and capture what I’m up to.

Home Sweat Home

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Jan 30, 2012

My house makes me a little sweaty. No, not because it’s hot. Because it’s the place money goes  – never to be seen from again. We’ve had a *little* trouble. And by *little* I mean a heap load of trouble.

In fact, the basement is a little damp right now…

Some of the issues have included:

Knob and Tube wiring – YAY!










Tree roots in the pipes – Super!










And a wet basement – Awesome!











So I’m trying to get the work parts done and save a little for the pretty stuff too.

Stay tuned while I try and hunt some of that pretty down.

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