DIY Pumpkin Spice (is easier than you think)

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Oct 16, 2017 - DIY Pumpkin Spice

Maybe you’ve run out of Pumpkin Spice. Or maybe you live in Canada and Starbucks has run out of pumpkin scones and it’s only halfway through October. Perhaps, you know, you live in Canada and can’t buy it here, like at all. Or it could be that you have a whole drawer full of spices and it just makes sense to make your own. What ever the reason, what are you waiting for?

Pumpkin spice in T-minus 3 minutes

The is probably the easiest recipe you’ll ever find on a blog. It takes about three mintues – maybe less. You just measure out the ingredients and shake it up in a little Bernardin mason jar like the ones these cupcakes were made in.

DIY Pumpkin Spice Recipe

You’ll need these 5 simple ingredients. And no, there is no actual pumpkin in Pumpkin Spice.

1 ½ teaspoons ground cloves

1 ½ teaspoons ground allspice 

2 teaspoons ground nutmeg

2 teaspoons ground ginger

3 tablespoons ground cinnamon


Ok, are you ready for this? Spoon all the spices together in your small mason jar.

Put the lid on the jar.

Shake the jar.

And, done. 

Now that you have this done and you have another hour to kill. And you really want to eat some pumpkin scones. Why not head over here and check out this copycat recipe. || DIY Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin scones

You definitely won’t be sorry.

Lactose-Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake (with extra crumble)

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Aug 7, 2017 Lactose-Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake

I love cake. And since I am quite lactose intolerant, if I don’t make it, I rarely get to eat it. That’s why I’m so excited about this Lactose-Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake with extra crumble. Of course, now that Natrel makes lactose-free butter here in Canada, it’s like it’s a whole new world.

I have had some great success with vegan butter, but it’s not the real deal. While this cake does not have sour cream or butter milk, it’s still a lovely cake. I would definitely consider it lean closer to a pound cake consistency rather than fluffy birthday cake consistency, but it is perfect with a hot tea (or coffee) on a lazy afternoon.

DIY Easter Surprise Eggs are easier than you think

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Mar 27, 2017 || DIY Easter Surprise EggsThis DIY Easter Surprise Eggs recipe is a new Easter favourite. In fact, I might be make them 123,045 times before this easter.

My little one LOVES surprise eggs. Like is seriously-obsessed-to-the-point-that-it-drives-me-crazy obsessed. But I can’t bear to have any more little plastic toys filling up our home, and she really shouldn’t be chowing down on full size big-kid eggs.

So I decided to try and make some at home.

Lemon Chicken Soup with Orzo – 30 minute meals #CANrecipes

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Jan 31, 2017 || lemon chicken soup with orzo and spinach


It’s soup season

Which means it’s the best time of the year. This Lemon Chicken soup with orzo comes together fast with rotisserie chicken and broth you have on hand (either homemade or store bought).  Not only is it easy, it’s really, really delicious. Like I’ve never seen anyone eat as much soup good. Like, there wasn’t any leftover for lunch good.

I’m a big soup person if you can’t tell… In fact, it’s probably my favourite food. I like soup for lunch, for dinner and for a late night snack. Whenever I get a new job, I try to find all the close places nearby that serve great soup. My current position in a little light in soup spots, so I find I’m making more than usual, so I can bring for lunch.

The broth is flavourful, thanks to the tart lemon zest and juice. And the spinach adds a much needed boost of green veg in the dead of winter. Plus, there’s something about orzo that makes it extra special. It’s technically pasta, but has that rice-like quality that gives you the best of both worlds.

Of course, you can always make it the long way on a weekend – start with chicken, boil the broth – but broth from the freezer or the grocer works just fine for a Monday-Friday, fresh pot of soup on the stove in 30 minutes type meal.

I have served this with crackers, with baguette, and with naan bread. It’s hearty enough for a meal, but somehow also light enough to partner with a grilled cheese sandwich or a salad.

Lemon Chicken with Orzo Soup Recipe


8 cups chicken broth

1 1/2 cups shredded chicken

1 stalk of celery, thinly sliced

1 small onion, diced

2 carrots, thinly sliced

2 cloves of garlic – pressed

1 tsp dried Italian herb blend

zest and juice of one lemon

1 cup orzo dry pasta

2 cups spinach (I use baby spinach) cut into thin ribbons



1/2 tsp tumeric


Bring the chicken broth to a boil.

Reduce to simmer and add chicken, onions, celery, carrots, garlic, Italian herb, tumeric, the lemon zest.

Simmer for 5 min then add the orzo.

Simmer for 10 min, until the orzo is cooked.

Turn off the heat and add the spinach. Stir in the lemon juice. Add salt and pepper to taste.


Leftovers can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days.

January is when so many of us look towards establishing healthier routines. Along with my dish today I’m excited to be sharing delicious 30 minute meal recipes from fellow Canadian blogger friends under the hashtag #CANRecipe. Tried and tasted food straight from our kitchens.

CANrecipe Jan 2017


Salmon and Papaya Lettuce Wraps @ Everyday Allergen Free

Easy Coconut Curry @ Maple and Marigold

Big Salad & Avocado Dressing @ Allergy Girl Eats

Pork Carnitas Black Bean Soup @ Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen

Lemon Chicken Soup Orzo @ Mommydo

Kid’s Vegetarian Chili @ Off The Porch

Shortbread cookies that melt in your mouth #CANrecipe

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Dec 5, 2016 || Melt in your mouth whipped Shortbread

Christmas Came Early

So Natrel just released Lactose-Free Butter. LACTOSE-FREE BUTTER!

I stuffed my daughter in the car (buckled her up tight) and proceeded to buy 5 packages. || Melt in your mouth whipped Shortbread Lactose-Free Butter

I also brought the ingredients for these shortbread cookies and a baguette.

First I ate few hunks of baguette spread with glorious butter. Then I whipped up these whipped shortbread cookies.

Whipped Shortbread Cookies Melt in your Mouth

They are one of the first Christmas Cookies I made on my own as a little girl. And they’re still my favourite today. The recipe hails from The Harrowsmith Cookbook, and credit is given to Shirley Hill of Picton Ontario.

They are very delicious, very easy and always a huge hit.

The key to these is to really beat them between ingredients. Don’t stop when the ingredients are mixed, give them a minute or more to beat at each step.

Today I finished the cookies with chunks of Purdy’s dark chocolate and makde a few with a little candied cherry on tip.

I know I mentioned beating after every ingredient…I’m repeating myself so you take me seriously. THIS IS THE SECRET TO THE BEST WHIPPED SHORTBREAD EVER.

Melt in your Mouth Shortbread Recipe

1/2 lb. Butter

1/2 cup cornstarch

1/2 cup icing sugar

1 cup flour


First, beat butter until light.

Then add the remaining ingredients one at a time, beating well after each addition.

Next, roll into small balls and flatten with a fork (or just drop them – that’s what I do).

Bake at 300F for 30 min. Keep an eye on the cookies because they look the best when they come out before they brown.

Makes about 3 dozen cookies.

I’m so excited to be sharing recipes from fellow Canadian bloggers under the hashtag #CANRecipe. Food that will give you a flavour of the season – Christmas Classics straight from our kitchens. || Melt in your mouth whipped Shortbread RoundupFrom the top left the dishes are:

Nanaimo Truffles @  Dish’n’ the Kitchen

Dipped Oreos @ The Inspired Home

Mulled Wine @ Maple and Marigold

Bacon Fried Rice @ Allergy Girl Eats

Coles Pudding @ Off The Porch

Chocolate covered Whiskey-Soaked Figs @ Everday Allergen Free

Shortbread Cookies @ Mommydo


Weeknight Easy Turkey Chili #CANrecipe

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Nov 8, 2016 || weeknight-easy-turkey-chili || Easy weeknight Turkey Chili
Why is it called Weeknight Easy Turkey Chili?

I classify recipes three ways: Weekend. Weekend Easy and Weeknight Easy.

Weekend recipes tend to only be made on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekend easy recipes are involved for weeknights, but they still make their way in rotation.

But weeknight easy recipes are the ones we eat all the time. These recipes need to be quick. They must be made with ingredients usually have on hand. And they need to be good. Preferably really good.

This Weeknight Easy Turkey Chili is all three. It doesn’t matter if you swap an ingredient, add a little less or a little more of your favourite parts or even add extra liquid and pasta to make a Turkey Chili Soup. As we’re heading into winter, this is definitely a keeper for those busy, cold Wednesday nights when you’re sitting staring at each other saying “what do you want for dinner” and “I don’t know, what do YOU want for dinner”.

Weeknight Easy Turkey Chili


Prep time: about 15 min + min 20 minutes simmer time.


1 package ground turkey

1 med onion

1 red pepper

1 yellow pepper

2 cups chicken broth

2 cans diced tomatoes

1 can tomato paste

1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)

1 can chick peas (drained and rinsed)

1 cup frozen corn

3 clove garlic

3 tbls chilli powder

1 tbls cumin

Fresh ground pepper

Corse Salt


Dice the onion and throw it in the pan as you brown the turkey.

Once it’s browned and the onions are translucent, toss them in a large pot.

Dice the peppers and add them to the pot too.

Toss in the broth, diced tomatoes, and tomato paste.

Rinse and drain the chick peas and black beans and pop them in there too.

Toss in about a cup of frozen corn.

Put 3 cloves of garlic into a garlic press and into the pot it goes.

Add the spices + salt and pepper to taste.

Simmer for a min of 20 minutes.

And done.

Garnish with any combination of avocado, sour cream, cheese, crunchy tortillas or crusty bread.

I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy this as much as we do (pretty much every week). || #canrecipe get-ready-for-winter

Today I’m glad to be sharing recipes from fellow Canadian bloggers under the hashtag #CANRecipe. November is the unofficial start of winter across the country and what better way to get ready for the season than with delicious food straight from our kitchens.

From the top the dishes are:

Easy Weeknight Turkey Chili @ Mommydo
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Puffball Mushroom Soup @
Creamy Curry Meat Soup @ Allergy Girl Eats
Moong Dal (Indian Lentil Soup) @ Maple and Marigold
Chicken Pot Pie @ Red Cottage Chronicles
Pumpkin Molasses Muffins @ Everyday Allergen Free

Best Sandwich Bread Ever – Just Add Turkey

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Oct 4, 2016

Most people look forward to the big show at Thanksgiving. The main feast. But I think the sandwiches the day after are the best. This recipe is the Best Sandwich Bread Ever. It’s not the prettiest loaf, but it’s my favourite ever, just the same. | The Best Sandwich Bread Ever, Seriously

The Best Sandwich Bread Ever is Not Pretty but…

It is a bread machine recipe, which is what makes the loaves a little funny looking but I find, if you want to serve it with the big feast, putting the sliced bread on the table helps take eyes off the tall, slightly misshapen loaf.

The key to the recipe is very warm tap water – much warmer than you’d think. When the water is nice and toasty, the yeast bubbles up nicely and the bread you get is fluffier. Yum.

Be ready to keep on cooking

The only downside is that sometimes it gets a little ‘fluffier’ than you expect. That nice tall loaf just means a bigger sandwich, so don’t worry about it. Just ensure your machine is able to bake a little longer than the regular cycle.

Making this bread is REALLY easy. Six ingredients. All in the bread maker. Just follow the instructions and be sure to put the ingredients into the machine in the right order. This Black + Decker model is the machine I use. I am quite fond of it. | best ever sandwich bread | bread machine

Best Ever Sandwich Bread Ever

8tsp granulated sugar

1 1/2tsp instant or bread machine yeast

1 1/3 cups water

1/3 cup vegetable oil

4 cups flour

2 tsp salt

1. Add sugar, yeast and very warm water to the bread pan. Let stand for 10 minutes or until yeast starts to bubble.

2. Add oil. Spoon flour on top of liquid. Add salt.

3. Select the Basic/White cycle and Light Crust setting and press start.

4. I said it up there, but I’m going to say it again. As with all bread machine recipes, it’s important to add the ingredients in the right order. So it rises nicely like the loaf below.


Along with my dish today I’m glad to be sharing recipe ideas from fellow Canadian blogging friends under the hashtag #CANRecipe. Last month’s comfort food dishes announced the beginning of fall. This month join us as we celebrate Thanksgiving across Canada with delicious food straight from our kitchens. | CANRecipe October

From the top the dishes are:

Turkey Soup @ The Inspired Home

Apple Bread Pudding with Apple Brandy Caramel Sauce @ Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen

Cumin-scented Baked Acorn Squash @ Maple and Marigold

Seriously The Best Sandwich Bread Ever From @ Mommydo

Sweet Potato Mash With Caramelized Onions @ Allergy Girl Eats


Maple and Oatmeal Ale Pulled Chicken Sliders

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Sep 6, 2016

I just created these Maple and Oatmeal Ale Pulled Chicken Sliders. We’re entering that shoulder season when you want comfort food, but you’re not ready to give up that BBQ feeling. These fit the bill perfectly.

They have that burger feeling without having to turn on the grill. They’re prefect with Saturday afternoon sides like potato chips, or you can get a little fancier and make some sweet potato wedges. Plus, the beer I used comes in a taller can, so you even have an excuse to have a little beer for lunch if you’re planning on serving these at six.

The inspiration for these sliders comes from The Beeroness.

Maple and Oatmeal Ale Pulled Chicken Sliders



  • ¼ cup tomato paste
  • 2 tbs soy sauce
  • 3 tbs balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 tbs Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp Sriracha sauce
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • 355 ml Oatmeal Ale (or oatmeal stout)
  • 4-5 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 15 – 16 slider buns
  1. Whisk tomato paste, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, smoked paprika, garlic powder and Sriracha sauce and maple syrup together in a small bowl.
  2. Place the chicken in the slow cooker, add the sauce then gently pour the beer over top. Cook on low for 6 hours. The chicken should pull apart easily with a fork. If it doesn’t, keep cooking.
  3. Shred the chicken with two forks. I like to keep some larger chunks.
  4. Scoop chicken into slider buns.
  5. Add a spoonful of Super Simple Secret Coleslaw

Untitled design (8)

Super Simple Secret Coleslaw

  1. Dump bag of coleslaw mix into bowl.
  2. Pour about ½ a regular sized bottle of Kraft Salad dressing overtop and gently stir.
  3. Add about ¼ teaspoon of celery seed and stir again.
  4. Season with freshly ground black pepper
  5. Refrigerate for at least 20 min.

Fall Comfort Dishes With (1)

I’m glad to say that starting this month I will be sharing recipe ideas from my Canadian blogging friends under the hashtag #CANRecipe. This month we are celebrating the change of season with fall comfort in the kitchen.

From the top left the dishes are:


Rustic Apple Tart @&nbsp;<a href=”“>Red Cottage Chronicles</a>&nbsp;

Spicy Vegetarian Chilli @ <a href=”“>Allergy Girl Eats</a>

Indian-inspired Vegetable Pilaf Topped With Crispy Brussels Sprouts @ <a href=”“>Maple and Marigold</a>

Maple and Oatmeal Ale Pulled Chicken Sliders @&nbsp;<a href=”“>Mommydo</a>

Mushroom Hand Pies @&nbsp;<a href=”“>Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen</a>

Maple Bacon Mini-doughnuts @ <a href=”“>Everyday Allergen-Free</a>

Chai-Spiced Apple Sauce, Apple Butter and Apple Leather @ <a href=”“>Making Healthy Choices</a>

Spaghetti Squash Bake @ <a href=”“>The Inspired Home</a>

Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie @ <a href=”“>It’s Just My Life</a>

Mommydo How-To: Maple Bacon Sriracha Popcorn

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Feb 7, 2016


It’s Superbowl Sunday which means it’s time for some super snacks.

I brought the sweet, spicy and salty together in this easy, yummy, forget-about-your-diet take on popcorn.

It’s surprisingly simple to make. You need bacon, popcorn kernels, maple syrup, Sriracha sauce and a little coarse salt.

Have a look!

[wpvideo QjPSqQtb]

Maple Bacon Sriracha Popcorn

Fry 1/2 lb bacon in a large pot or stovetop save dutch oven.

Remove from fat when crispy, but leave the fat in the pan.

Blot the bacon. Tear into small pieces.

Heat the fat until 1 kernel added to the pot sizzles.

Add 1c popcorn to the pot. Cover and shake over med-high heat until popcorn has slowed down.

Add the bacon pieces to the popped corn.

Mix 3/4c Maple Syrup with 2 tbs Sriracha sauce

Add to the popcorn and back then cover and shake to coat.

(If your corn popped up extra fluffy, you might need extra syrup and spice.)

Pour into bowl and finish with 1-2 tsp coarse salt.



Valentine Rice Krispie Treats

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Jan 18, 2016

I was lucky enough to win a Rice Krispies prize pack in the #treatsfortoys twitter party in December. I’m a big fan of the program where Rice Krispies donates money for toys for every toy shaped Rice Krispie Treat posted with #treatsfortoys. This year, the campaign raised $40,000.

I thought I’d say Thank You for the amazing prize (which included a whole bunch of Rice Krispies AND a Visa gift card) by making a video of the first thing we made with the delivery. The whole family enjoyed these and I loved making my first food video.

[wpvideo IFfmuHKg]


Heart Shaped Valentine Rice Krispie Treats

We prepared the recipe from the box. You can find it here:


  • 50 ml or 1/4 cup margarine or butter
  • 250 ml or 1 pkg (about 40) regular marshmallows or 5 cups miniature
  • 1.5 L or 6 cups RICE KRISPIES* Vanilla cereal


1.Melt margarine in large saucepan over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat. OR Microwave on high for 45 sec.

2.Stir in KELLOGG’S* RICE KRISPIES* Vanilla Flavour cereal until well coated. Using lightly buttered spatula, press into buttered 3.5 L (13×9″) pan.

3.Allow mixture to cool.

4. Use cookie cutter to cut Rice Krispie treats into heart shapes. You can squish leftover treats into the cookie cutter to shape.

5. Melt candy wafers in the microwave. Time will differ between microwaves. Use 30 sec intervals until soft. Stir to melt the rest of the way.

6. Dip the tops in melted candy coating.

7. Sprinkle with Valentines Day sprinkles before the candy sets.

8. Hide some before everyone eats them on you because you’re going to want to keep some for yourself.


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