Maple Bacon Sriracha Popcorn

This sweet, spicy and decidedly not-for-those-on-a-diet popcorn makes the perfect Superbowl snack.


1/2 LB bacon

1 C popcorn kernels

3/4 C maple syrup

2 TBLS Sriracha sauce

1-2 tsp coarse salt


Fry bacon in a large pot or stovetop save dutch oven.

Remove from fat when crispy, but leave the fat in the pan.

Blot the bacon. Tear into small pieces.

Heat the bacon fat until 1 kernel added to the pot sizzles.

Add popcorn to the pot. Cover and shake over med-high heat until popcorn has slowed down.

Add the bacon pieces to the popped corn.

Mix the maple syrup with 2 the Sriracha sauce

Add to the popcorn and back then cover and shake to coat.

(If your corn popped up extra fluffy, you might need extra syrup and spice.)

Pour into bowl and finish with coarse salt.