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Williams Syndrome Wednesday: Sleep

We are now officially in the thick of the “ongoing sleep problems” often associated with Williams Syndrome. For us, it seems to be manifesting in ‘switched days and nights’ where she will sleep long stretches, sometimes for 4-5 hours, but only during the day. At night she is alert – sometimes 4-5 hours.

No idea how to make her switch.

I did get great sleep this weekend. I attended the Canadian Association for Williams Syndrome (CAWS) family conference. I got a great deal of information – perhaps too much. And left feeling both understood and overwhelmed. Still, it was worth the trek. I’ll talk a little about what I took away from each of the sessions in coming posts but have to say, I wish there had been a sleep session.

I fear this will be an ongoing topic as other parents have said it took till 4 years and beyond to really see an improvement. Pheeeesh. I’m tired just thinking about it.