So tired - one weekend after Williams Syndrome diagnosis

So tired

so tried Williams SyndromeHaving your life turned upside down by a life-altering diagnosis makes you tired. It’s exhausting. For one, your brain doesn’t turn off so like a car left with the motor running, your gas tank gets to empty pretty quick.

Second, you feel like to need to be doing SOMETHING, so you flit around tidying a little here, doing a little laundry over there, reading a little more on one site, posting a little on another. Then there are all the things you were doing before you were doing this… planning, pushing, advocating. I don’t know how people do it.

And I am now ‘people’. Sigh. I have to believe it gets easier.

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  1. Christi

    July 25, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    Hi, Melanie. I just came across your blog through my “Williams Syndrome” Google Alert. I have a fifteen month old son who was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at about 6 months. And I wanted to let you know that it DOES get easier. I still distinctly remember the unease when my son wasn’t smiling when other babies were, wasn’t rolling over as soon, wasn’t sitting up. And I literally finished the internet on all things Williams. He’s still behind on milestones, but he has made SO much progress, and he must have been saving up the smiles. He now has the brightest, face-full of smiles that are just amazing and well worth the wait. It took us awhile to get into a routine with his various therapies, and it still isn’t as easy as I imagine a typical kid would be, but with time things have become pretty normal. I’m sending you good vibes as you navigate the craziness.


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