Oops…Make that Work at Home Mom

I’ve been liberated from my office job. Sigh.

Now I’m a couch surfing, at-home, worker. Not sure if I’ll try and another office job or if work-at-home is the new way I roll.

It’s weird trying to find a balance between all the stuff I should be doing around here – hello, shouldn’t I clean something? – and getting my work done.

The boy is still in his regular care – until there’s a decision made about whether or not this is permanent, it didn’t seem fair to pull him out.

Anyhoo – that’s the news.

There are definitely things and people I’ll miss. And there were projects I would loved to have seen come to life. I won’t miss the feeling of knowing the axe was going to fall. And I sure as hell won’t miss this.

The commute to my computer is much better now.

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