These are a few of my favourite things...

Lactose-Free Whipping Cream

Is there anything that you can’t eat that you absolutely love?

For me, it’s anything in the dairy category. I’ve become lactose intolerant in recent years and it’s a real heart-breaker. I miss stinky cheese and eating greasy natchos. I really miss cottage cheese with just a little salt, real cheesy lasagna and cheap delivery pepperoni pizza. And I really, really, really creamy anything. If you’re in the same boat lean in really close and I’ll tell you a secret. THEY NOW MAKE LACTOSE-FREE WHIPPING CREAM! You can read all about it here. Seriously! I have been whipping up all sorts of creamy deliciousness (no pun intended) and loving every bite. It tastes the same. It behaves the same. I supposed it is essentially the same, just with the lactose processed out.

This may be my favourite new food product of the decade.

So far I have used it for real whipped cream, all my Christmas baking, in heavenly mashed potatoes and in ice cream! Real, actual lactose-free ice cream. I’ll save the details of that undertaking for another post. But if you are lactose free or struggle to accommodate someone who is lactose intolerant, check it out. It’s divine.

And, just in case you’ve missed some other great lactose free products, Presidents Choice carries lactose-free sour cream and goat’s milk mozzarella. They also carry a nice goat cheese brie at my store and a goat’s milk cheddar that works nicely for cheese sauces and as a medium to old cheddar substitution. There is now also now a yummy lactose-free yogurt.

Do you have any favourite lactose-free products or recipes?